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Dawson Furs Ltd.


Dawson Furs Ltd. are committed to manufacturing good quality, New Zealand made products sourced from New Zealand Possum Fur. Our years of experience, combined with the relationships we have made within the Fur Trading industry, allow us to offer you a great product at a great price. As you are buying direct from the manufacturer, you are receiving the best possible price for the best possible product.

About our company

Dawson Furs Ltd registered as a company in 1978 to buy, process and export Possum Skins.

Bruce Dawson and Paul Ernest were full time Trappers and Meat hunters in the Urewera National Park at the time. They decided to try to increase the returns for themselves and some of their trapping mates. The Company worked well for sometime exporting up to 400,000 skins per year until 1994, when the Animal Rights activism almost destroyed the industry.

During the late 80's - early 90's a great deal of pioneering work was done by Taumaranui Developments Incorporated, with Phyllis Huitema at the helm. They discovered a way to blend possum fur and merino wool to produce one of the warmest, lightest knitting yarn blends in the world market place. This created a whole new industry which in turn helped to reduce possum numbers in what was then an endemic TB area and a very economically depressed area as well.

With this foresight, the New Zealand economy benefits by tens of millions of dollars each year, from what has until recently been treated as a worthless pest.

Today we trade in skins, fur and carcasses including possum, hare, rabbit, turkey, venison and wallaby.

We operate Omega Petfoods, which manufactures possum meat petfood, either raw or dry pelletized for our OMEGA  brand.

With 34 years trading experience in the possum field, we are well qualified to help with any queries about our industry you may have.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email.